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Stacy Young's Homepage

My name is Stacy Young born & raised in Kansas City. I am an avid storm chaser/spotter for the NWS, a member of SCOA and a coordinator for the local CERT in Johnson County and also a member of the local SKYWARN here in Kansas City.

I am building this site to show some of my storm chasing experiences and pictures from this year.
You can visit me About My page to learn more about myself and what I do.

Check out my pictures I have posted. Some of them don't have great backgrounds but they are pretty decent.

Listing Site Updates
My site is currently under construction and I haven't had time to do too many additions but keep checking back because I have tons of pictures to share as soon as I do get them posted.
Welcome To Stacy's Homepage

I am not going to put a date on here as to when I'm going to update this again.  However I will make an effort to do it at least 1 time per month....


Chaser Group Wanted!
I would also like to start a group here locally for all the storm chasers around that would like to get together monthly and share some experiences and stories. If interested please drop me an email.
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Any questions please email

Yours Truly!
This is Me..Stacy Young!
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